Top 10 Best Android Games of 2021

Getting your hands at a popular android game is not always an easy task, which is why I am listing a couple of games from the web, all to help mobile gamers to get what they are looking for. The popularity of mobile games is rapidly increasing day by day among people. With the release of new premium games, it challenges the capacity of a phone, while free games are also getting better day by day. The fact is, mobile has some impressive titles, while some of them compete with console and PC games. The games are available on PC and console along with mobile. If you are searching for some good games on the Play Store then here are some best games.

Some of the popular android games of 2021 are the followings

  1. Call of Duty – in 2019, mobile was the latest grab for the best android game. Mobile is a popular device with a high rating that we have added the game in it. The game a FPS online and PvP mode along with a 100 players battle royale. There is more surprising amount of things to do, and it is a free to play game. You can get your hands on more FPS games and general shooting games, if you are searching for variety of options.


  1. Genshin Impact – Genshin Impact is a popular game among android users. It is an action based RPG game with a gacha mechanics. The game was among the top pick for the best 2020 game. The game received excellent critical certification when it was released for its excellent gameplay and impressive visuals. The excellent visual element of the game, the advanced gameplay mechanics, and the open world, make the game easy and less restrictive than most of the game of the same genre. If the developer of the game does not mess up, then this game is going to hit the top list.


  1. Sky – Children of the Light – That game company is best known for games like Flow, Flower and Journey, all titles that offers same relaxed themes, while offering a casual game play. The studio took a chance to free to play game for mobile, and though this particular game contains in- app purchase, they are only for cosmetic, leaving their users enjoy free titles uninfluenced. This game is similar to Journey, where you need to cross 3D landscape in an effort to piece together the game’s story while collecting items helpful for advancing. The best part about the release of this game is that it’s online, and one can easily play with others while exploring the fantastic world. Same as Genshin Impact, sky children of the light tops among the highly polished F2P game on mobile.


  1. GRID Autosport – GRID Autosport is the best racing game launched for android users. it is a premium gam with no app purchases or advertising. The game contains excellent graphics, excellent controls, lots of contents to play through, hardware controller support, lots of cars to unlock and different types of racing styles. This particular game is higher in price, and also lacks some important smaller things which racing fanatics usually opt for, otherwise it ranks among the best racing games in Play Store. In Google Play there is a free demo version, where you can purchase bits and pieces instead of the whole game. If you are set to play the whole game, then it is better to purchase the whole game, instead of playing in bits and pieces.


  1. GRIS – GRIS is one of the best adventurous games with a puzzle platformer element. The game is about Gris, a young girl lost in her own world of thoughts, while facing the painful experiences of her life. It does not contain any death player or any such things. You can simple explore the world, solve some puzzles and enjoy the game. GRIS is a game which does not contain any text, but chooses to tell the story instead. GRIS is an artistic game, and one of the top among other games.


  1. Star Wars – knights of the Old Republic – this game is a classic RPG from BioWare, and this particular mobile port comes from Aspyr Media. This RPG is the best star war game ever made. If you ignore the theme, it is a solid RPG. The story is good, with graphics which is pretty dated, and the control are spot on, especially as a controller supporter is included.


  1. Minecraft – minecraft is the best android game available. One can build like Legos in a free play mode, or one can jump into survival mode to grind the days away. The main part of the game is the multiplayer content. The store is full of contents to buy; at least the primary gameplay loop remains consistent. Controllers are supported out of the box, and the touch screen controls are serviceable.


  1. Legends of Runeterra – Legends of Runeterra is one of the newest android games. Legends of Runeterra are an online battler game similar to games like Hearthstone. Players of the game collect cards and hero, and then build decks from those cards and heroes, and then one can battle the opponent online. The game eliminates much of the randomness, and leads to a good game play. The game has twenty- four champions and a bunch of cards, and one can invite friends to dwell along with you.


  1. Slay the Spire– Slay the Spire is the favorite game for all the game lovers. It is a solo game and it play like a rogue like, here one need to construct a deck to get into the adventure just to check how far you can get. This is a most loved android game among game lovers.


  1. Among Us – Among Us is the best game for gamers. The title did not receive much attention when the game was launched. This game gained its place when a steamer started receiving views, during the game.  Stream social media games are fun and enjoyable to watch, so Among Us got the popularity among gamers. If you are among the one who is interested in playing a multi-layer game, where cooperation and backstabbing are required, this is a unique game where a constant drama is required among those who are engaged in the game, then you can probably get a kick out Among Us.


There are many varieties of android games in the play store; I have picked a good mix of categories, including first person shooters, role playing games, racing games, puzzlers, strategy games and many more. If you are gaming on an Android tablet or android phone, then you are on the right place to find something and have fun.


Unarguably, Android has been identified as the most recognized platform for playing the best multiplayer mobile games. The games are offered in a variety of genres. However, the varieties do not have any match each other. The android provides games for every user- one who wants to invest money and the one who doesn’t want to. The most interesting part is that these multiplayer games can also be played without an internet connection. However, all you need is a local WiFi connection to keep going.

Almost every year amazing new mobile games are launched with multiplayer options. These multiplayer options make mobile phones. This multiplayer option makes the game more fun to play. There are various multiplayer games. These are online multiplayer games, local multiplayer games, and others. In the year 2021, these android gaming has gained worldwide recognition.

This contributed immensely during the lockdown period to help people from boredom. To kill boredom people started playing multiplayer games and the search for the best multiplayer game thus began.

These Android multiplayer games turn out to be more interesting when played with close ones. The nature of these games is such that it helps in connecting people in different parts of the world. Nowadays the number of players streaming on YouTube is increasing considerably. This helped in attracting players from different parts of the world. It is during this time, players from different parts of the world are trying to reach the other available multiplayer games.

With the growing popularity of multiplayer games, amazing new games are introduced so that the developers can attract more players. Only an internet connection is required to play these games, however; a few can be played offline as well. This is why the popularity of these games has increased. These games can be easily downloaded through Google Play. These games are quite different from each other however no one can compare their functionality.


Asphalt 9: Legends 

This is the latest edition of racing games introduced by Gameloft. The game represents exceptional features of racing. Each time the player is promoted to the next level with the help of this gameplay. The multi-game player interface allows the players to move up in the air, jump off the ramps and perform various stunts while sitting in a car. To attract the players the game introduces a wide range of cars and tracks. These game cars and tracks have exceptional gameplay features which keep the players focussed during the game.


Call of Duty

This multiplayer game is a reincarnation of the famous Activision’s FPS (First Person Shooting) Game Series having a similar name. As soon as the popularity of games like PUB-G was enumerated, it urged Activision to launch a mobile game. The call of duty game is so interesting that it keeps the players immersed during the entire game. The game does not in any way disappoint the players. The game occupies a reputation in the market because of its difficult segments.


Clash Royale

Everybody has heard about the famous game Clash of Clans. The Clash of Clans is an introduction to Clash Royale and has gained utmost popularity. The game presents exciting new levels to keep the players engaged throughout the game. Every time the players get excited upon reaching the next level. The best thing about Clash Royale is that the user interface is very smooth which increases the delight of the game players. The interface provides attractive graphical representation, phenomenal themes, and high-speed. This game is one of the best under Android. A free version of the game is also available online.


Adventure Quest 3D

The Adventure Quest 3D is an adventure game that is played in groups. The game allows the group to fight with enemies by using various techniques. In this game, the players keep their balance. Barbershops and costume changes are the major part of this game. The instructions are displayed on the screen and the players need to follow that. This makes the game fun and engaging.



This is an interesting multiplayer game that takes the players to a whole new world with exciting stuff to perform. The game only allows a single-player interface. The game allows the players to create a server where they can invite their friends to play with them. The server can be purchased from Microsoft as well. The cross-platform feature of the game supports both Windows and Xbox versions.


Ball Pool

This is also an exciting popular multiplayer game that is played locally. It is a pool game offering a set of exceptional features. The features of this game are different from the other multiplayer games available in the market. The graphics are represented in such a way that it offers both online and offline options to the players. 8 Ball Pool has everything that is needed by the players. The game offers to invite codes to the players which the players send to their friends.


 Modern combat 5

This is a type of classic FPS Android multiplayer game. This game is introduced for those who love playing adventurous games. This is a type of game that allows local multiplayer support. However, only four players can play this game from the same device. The graphical representation of this game is really fun and appealing. This helps the users in moving forward towards the game. The game provides cloud-saving support for Android TV. These features make the game the best multiplayer game.



This is an action physics-based game where the player is the agent who collects the IRS. The player acts as the semi-organic Autonomous skull collecting internal revenues. The game allows single-player mode allowing 24 different spooky levels. The game presents brain-pounding arenas making it one of the best multiplayer games for Android.


Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia 

This multiplayer game can be played with a total of 12 players. 6 players can play it online and a maximum of 12 players can play it by using the local WiFi. To move forward to the game, the users need to shoot their targets. The offline training module helps the users in developing their skills to move forward towards their goals. The training helps the players in sharpening their skills while playing the game.


GTA V (Grand Theft Auto V)

This is a famous multiplayer game that can be reinforced in the world in several ways. The game is purely based upon the GTA game and famous characters like Michael Trevor, Franklin, and San Andreas are revealed. Each of these characters has distinct personalities and qualities that create new challenges in the game. This makes the game world more beautiful. The game is such that it represents a magical world. It provides a view of mountains and coastlines and natural beauty. It makes the user walk through the game. This provides a new level of diversity and intensity. If there is no mission in the game then the three main important characters allow a touch for voyeurism. This game allows the users to drop them at any moment and can even track the activity of the other players. This game has proved to be the greatest game of all time and the focus was mainly on cars.


Genshin Impact

The Genshin Impact is the greatest game ever played. This is an action role-playing game. This game is played by individuals worldwide because it helps explore the RPG free of cost. This game revolves around magical features and gods and goddesses. This game allows a pair of magical twins to roam across the universities. In this game, one can witness that an unknown deity thinks himself to be powerful and roams freely for no reason. In this game, there is a difference between reality and the other world. In this game, a self-proclaimed goddess kidnaps the other god and takes his power. Then he leaves them trapped in a strange land. The nature of the game is such that it allows the players to change the characters and the weapons. In this game some use swords, some use bows while others carry magic books as well. In this game, the players can even accumulate the equipment to utilize it in upgrading the finest weapons. This helps in lodging a bigger war.



The main essence of GRIS is the colors used in the game. The game mainly starts with a black and white background. The color may either be in the name of the person or the name of the color itself. The inner world of the main character can be identified with the help of these colors. The ultimate mechanism of the game is to identify and discover new colors by unlocking colors. This game is not only a game. This game is concerned with the movie-making process. The entire game is sketched by hand and then colored providing depth to the game.

Make Your Pictures Alive: 10 Photo Editing Apps You Shouldn’t Miss in 2021!

Regardless of whether you only shoot with your cell phone or you’re an expert picture taker working in a studio, you need programming to sort out, improve, and alter your advanced photographs. Camera innovation is improving at a huge rate: Today’s cell phones are more impressive than the point-and-shoots of only a couple of years back, and ace level cameras have passed the 100-megapixel mark. Photograph altering programming is keeping up, with perpetually ground-breaking highlights. Individuals who shoot with a three-camera iPhone 11 Pro or with a progressed computerized SLR both consideration how their photographs look. To get the best outcomes, you’ll need to bring the shots into your PC to sort out them, pick the best ones, immaculate them, and print or offer them on the web.

A photograph altering application is a product application intended to alter pictures on a cell phone. For a business, this implies you can make an extraordinary visual procedure, showing your items in an expert way by basically utilizing your cell phone.

This sort of application can give a differed scope of highlights from trimming, commanding shade fast functioning, and including channels. Be that as it may, you can likewise discover photograph altering applications that can make arrangements or make programmed settings for various tasks . When hoping make the visuo-social aspects of your company better s, you can accomplish such a great deal with just photograph altering application on your telephone.

The use and ambit of a photograph app can be huge but the quality of the app makes all the differences. There are literally millions and billions of editing apps on play store and otherwise and a majority of them won’t provide you with standard quality. Downloading a bad app will lead to both loss of time and data. To prevent that, here is a conglomeration of photography editing applications which you will love

1)      Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

May it be 2015, 2020 or 2024 Lightroom CC has consistently governed the altering business and in the event that you are an eager photograph manager, you will think about Lightroom CC. This application form of the well-known work area programming gives access to proficient altering devices in a hurry. An extraordinary aspect concerning this free photograph altering application is that it’s doing whatever it takes not to thoroughly take care of everybody. Rather, it centres on giving a lot of excellent alteration devices introduced as basic sliders. These permit you to change the light, detail, shading, contortion, and grain of your photograph.


2)      Prisma Photo Editor

Prisma is a new face in the industry of photo editing and is already starting to rival some of the biggest editing brands out there! Well Prisma is an exceptional editor and when I say exceptional I actually mean it. A large portion of the altering applications which make a composition out of your face make it a wreck, truly, it does. In any case, Prisma works in an alternate path and in an entire distinctive manner. This free photograph altering application “empower clients to make photographs seem like they have been painted by legends and true artistsi.”


3)      Snapseed

Snapseed by Goggle has risen to fame in an incredibly short time and is one of those editing apps which can do virtually everything. Snapseed can be used both by beginners and professionals in editing their pictures in whatever way they want from depth control to white balance to colour correction and application of various effects and filters. It also has selective editing feature using which you can edit a selected part of the photograph.


4)      Foodie

Foodgasm is gaining new heights in this generation and food is becoming more of a capturing subject than an eating subject. Teenagers who capture food should definitely use this app for it is made in a way to facilitate capturing and enhancing food. May it be a Burger, pizza or a pasta, Foodie will make it look more delicious with more  than 30 filters.


5)      Adobe Photoshop Fix

I’m sorry but its impossible to not mention Adobe again when it comes to pictures. However, Fix is different from Lightroom CC in many ways. Fix isn’t for adding channels or impacts to your photographs. Rather, it’s intended for fixing or expelling undesirable parts of your pictures. Notwithstanding, it’s the Liquify segment that is genuinely amazing. At the point when you transfer a picture, the application will consequently enlist every one of the subject’s facial highlights. At that point you can change the size, shape, and position of them.


6)      Visage

This free selfie photograph altering application lets you rapidly and effectively correct your representation photographs. In particular, you can make your skin glowing, diminish skin sparkle, apply eye cosmetics, and then some. The application additionally incorporates a lot of intriguing foundations and impacts to liven up your selfies. Beware of the ads in this application, it has lots of them.


7)      Elight Photofox

One of Photofox’s most well-known highlights is the capacity to mix photographs together to make emotional impacts. You can likewise add realistic components to your pictures. While I has a significant number of indistinguishable highlights from Photoshop, for example, layers, the expectation to absorb information isn’t so steep.


8)      Afterlight 2

Afterlight 2 names itself the “no matter how you look at it, feature squeezed” photo adjusting application – which is a sensible diagram. It has all the essential features you would envision, including gadgets to change the presentation, tone/submersion, distinction, and tone. Furthermore, the decisions to incorporate and re-try text are massive.


9)      Canva

Canva isn’t only for photographs. It’s for making banners and different visuals over your site and showcasing collateral, but that is the reason we love this application! snap a picture, transfer it to Canva, alter it, and begin making all your astounding visuals that are predictable regardless of where your clients will see them.


10)  SKRWT

SKRWT lets you alter the point of view of your pictures with the goal that everything lines up impeccably. It has computerized editing and point of view rectification. Or on the other hand on the off chance that you’d like, you can utilize the “4 Points Correction” to alter the viewpoint of your picture physically.

Laptops that Entered 2021 with All Guns Blazing

Laptops are additionally consistently being utilized in many organizations, explicitly the individuals who are into web advertising and advanced showcasing. Having a trend setting innovation, organizations would now be able to think of more inventive yields. The individuals who are not occupied with to advertising additionally profit since people can without much of a stretch speak with one another regardless of how far they are from one another. This should be possible through electronic mail, talk and video call. Works and gatherings should be possible without heading off to the workplace as long as you have a PC and a web. Additionally, the utilization of PC is likewise an incredible method to store all your records as long as it has enough stockpiling.

Professional workers profit by this, yet in addition understudies in view of its compactness. In the no so distant past, just board is being utilized in a homeroom setting yet Laptops are likewise being joined into study halls. With this, understudies can without much of a stretch record highlights and even direct gathering work on the web. All things considered, numerous individuals are thinking about having their own PC for various purposes, for example, work, individual issue, and gaming.


Finding a good laptop under AUD923 can be a messy task, hence here is a comprehensive list of 5 Laptops under AUD923 which are totally worth it.


  • Lenovo Ideapad s145

The Ideapad s145 highlights a 15.6-inches anti-glare screen. The Ideapad s145 is about 1.85kg in weight. The 180-degree pivot makes it simple for you to move the screen here and there. The PC accompanies tenth era Intel Core i5-1035G1 processor works at 3.6 GHz max. The AMD Radeon 530/Nvidia illustrations card (changes by arrangement) accessible with 2GB DDR5. Truly, this Lenovo 330 is the Best Laptop one can get for everyday use or in any event, for overwhelming uses like programming and games. The PC accompanies an 8 GB RAM and 1TB of hard plate stockpiling and outfitted with Dolby sound processor which makes the sound understanding out of this world. The battery reinforcement of this PC is stunning which lasts for 5.5 hours as is its interface.

Current price on Amazon – AUD831


  • Dell Inspiron 3585

The Dell Inspiron 3585 is about 2.2 kg in weight, which makes them the light weight PC under 50k right now for procurement. The Inspiron PC accompanies a 1920×1080 goal and the Full HD or FHD show on Inspiron 3585 is a major positive. Not at all like extremely many spending PCs, will you have a HD-quality showcase on this one. The Dell Color Profiles highlight computes the hues and delivers the most precise shows around. The dynamic hues you’ll escape your screen are not normal for anything you may discover on a tight spending plan PC. 0GHz AMD Ryzen R5-2500U processor gives quick speed. The plan works at 1.80 GHz and can be helped by up to 4.0 GHz. The Turbo Boost includes guarantees the association can work quick for top notch creations. The 4 GB DDR4 memory offers enough help for some activities one after another. In any case, you can likewise grow the memory to 16 GB in the event that you like. Along with all this, it is equipped with 1TB 5400rpm hard drive.

Current price on Amazon – AUD738


  • HP Notebook 14/15

The HP Notebook 14/15 PC is lightweight and versatile at about 1.43 kg. The 14 inch screen offer HD goal of unimportant 1366×768. The Intel Core i5-825u processor works a 1.6 GHz, however it can work at 3.9 GHz when the Intel Turbo Boost Technology include works. The overclocking capacity is perfect for very good quality projects and sight and sound projects. This HP PC accompanies 8 GB RAM and 6MB Cache for Turbo Boost to ensure the PC works impeccable on high burden. On the off chance that there’s one thing the HP Notebook 15 realizes how to do, it involves delivering great sounds. The scratch pad utilizes Bang and Olufsen speakers that procedure sounds with care. The sound quality is extraordinary on this model. The left-hand some portion of HP Notebook 15 highlights two USB 3.1 ports for quick associations and HDMI and Ethernet ports. You’ll locate a third USB port, a SD card per user, and a DVD drive on the correct side. The HP Notebook 15 working framework fueled by Windows 10 Home, battery reinforcement of five hours and 1TB 5400rpm Hard Drive. The 720p webcam is appropriate for some needs, yet you could in any case locate an outer webcam that would most likely improve.

Current price on Amazon – AUD492


  • Mi Notebook 14 – XMA1901-DG

Of the three variations accessible, the current PC under survey is the best since it highlights NVIDIA MX250 illustrations, though the others accompany Intel UHD designs.  Plus, this note pad accompanies 512 GB SSD stockpiling and 8 GB RAM to guarantee excellent performing various tasks. The 17.5mm thickness makes this PC probably the lightest one at 1.5kg. Consequently, it is anything but difficult to convey along anyplace you go. The top notch tenth gen i5 CPU with phenomenal clock speeds makes this journal one of the quickest among its peers. On the illustrations front, it is well-prepared, also. The NVIDIA GeForce MX250 is extraordinary compared to other accessible. The MX350 is a superior one yet costs more. The 14-inches FHD screen conveys completely clear pictures to guarantee a phenomenal video execution. The counter glare screen and wide review edge of 178 degrees are the features of this current note pad’s video execution.

Current Price on Amazon – AUD923


  • Dell Inspiron 3493

Dell PCs are the top picks with regards to understudies and office goers. Aside from being anything but difficult to utilize, these workstations are durable. The tenth gen i5 CPU empowers smooth and consistent performing various tasks while conveying fantastic responsiveness. This PC is famous for its excellent speed, whereby exchanging between applications is never an issue. In addition, this machine has huge capacity limit with regards to putting away your documents. The PC accompanies 8GB DDR4 RAM with 5400 rpm hard drive. The FHD against glare 14-inch screen conveys mind boggling pictures that are relieving to the eyes. Intel UHD designs are adequate to convey and ideal ordinary execution. This Dell PC accompanies incredible availability choices, whereby you can interface your cell phones and other perfect gadgets easily. The Dell Mobile Connect include empowers you to channel the warnings from your calls and SMS legitimately on to your PC.

Current price on Amazon – AUD831

Review The Trending Multiplayer Game- Valorant

In the year 2020 many exciting and thrilling video games are launching and even all the video games are gaining a lot of love and followers from all over the world. The biggest reason for this high usage of video games and other digital platforms this year is the stay home principle due to the pandemic that’s why a lot people are attracting and trying various new features game. As many games are launched in 2020, one such highly techy and thrilling video game is the multiplayer Valorant shooting video game. The game is captivating a lot of users from all over the world because of its fascinating features and specialised functions. The game has many exciting tools, modes as well as characters that adds more thrill and interest of the game.

Development of the Valorant Shooting Game

The Valorant shooting game was released on June, 02, 2020 by the Riot Games that earlier created The League of Legends video game. The theme of the game is set in the battlefield and the players are given various powerful weapons including high voltage guns and rifles. Its director Joe Ziegler and various other game developers, graphic and content creators and other great technicians created this as the beta game by using the unreal engine technique that gives its developers to create interesting virtual setting and background in the game. Marcus Reid led the game’s engineering team and made several modifications to create the game more exciting and thrilling. With all these efforts and incentive ideas, the whole developing team of the technicians created this one of the most famous powerful shooting game of 2020.

Special features of the Valorant Video Game

This extremely exciting shooting game has become one of the most famous game of this year because of its enormous latest technology features. There are a lot features that makes this game one of the most competitive game in the world. As the Valorant is the shooting game, the game gives its players an enormous number of weapons which added more thrill to the game. In the beginning the players are given only the classic guns but as the level and difficulty increases more powerful rifles are given to make the game more exciting. Along with powerful weapons, the players are also given the opportunity to play with fast, adaptive and lethal abilities that becomes one of the most special feature of this shooting game. The game also has many modes like spike rush, competitive as well as standard levels that creates excitement and enthusiasm for the player. This multiplayer shooting game has given a lot of opportunities for the players to use their creativity to play this exciting shooting game.

Reviews of the Valorant Game

The Valorant shooting game is a fiction video game set in the near future. The Valorant game gain a lot of positive comments from all over the world users and Critics but the game also criticised for various faults and defects. As the players reports of errors and faults, the game face a lot backlashes from the audience. But soon the Riot Games issues solutions for these bugs and players gain started enjoying this shooting experience without any disturbances. Thus, the Valorant game gain mix reviews from its audience.

Positive Reviews– the Valorant Shooting multiplayer game gain a lot of players from all over the world for its superpower content and graphics. The gameplay of the game is considers as the biggest strength of the game by many experts and critics. The Valorant is extraordinarily thrilling and gives enormous powerful weapons for the players to play the game. The Valorant game gives the chance to multi players to play the game at the same time. Many players considers the Valorant video game as the most competitive shooter game and claim that it is a deep as well as complex shooting game that pushes its users to great shooting opportunities. It also gain a lot of praise for its plot and the critical use of engineering while making its background and setting of the game. This shooting game has create a lot of good impression on the minds of the critics and the experts and that’s why some considers it as the best shooting game of 2020.

Negative Reviews: Although Valorant shooting game gain a lot of appreciation and praise for its content and the level of thrill that it presents to its users but many customers also reports of the defect, errors, bugs and faults that they encounter while playing the game. It faces a lot of bad comments and backlashes for disturbances that the players are faxing from many experts, critics as well as from the public. But soon the Riot Games take the responsibility and provide its users with all the essential solutions to detect these faults. They considers that many of the high graphic game are facing these issues as well as due to the large level usage of the game during the time of pandemic is another reason for the server issues that the players are facing. As during the lockdown, lot of people got engage in this digital game, so it causes the traffic so some people faces the issue to start the game or to connect to the server. Even though with all these difficulties the game again attract its users due to its high level of thrill and excitement.


The Valorant shooting multiplayer game is one of the best virtual game of 2020. It gain millions of users from all over the world due the excitement and the thrill that the game offers. The Valorant game that is the latest creation of Riot Games has become the most played and favourite game of the people especially during the time of lockdown. Although many faults are recorded but this shooting game will give the best experience of shooting in the battlefield. Its latest features including its enormous its modes and levels as well as the fictions background are the reasons for its praise by the users and the experts. As the Valorant development is taken by some of the most renowned game developer and content creators, so its graphics are one of the reason for its appreciation. The game will definitely takes you to experience the surrounding of war field and makes you feel that you are the real shooter. The Valorant game has gain a lot of appreciation and praise and that is the reason that the game is declared as the best virtual shooting game of 2020 by many critics.