April 6, 2022

Can Facebook Monopolize Metaverse

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A Metaverse widely run by Facebook. With Facebook’s intention to create hardware and other technology for the so-called metaverse, it indicates more sensors in people’s home, gathering vast amount of data. You are believing and trusting Facebook for securing your private data. Trust is the main key factor when you are planning to delete your Facebook or reduce your social-network usage. This is the key reason why many people are switching to I Phone and using Apple’s security feature.

Facebook’s AI algorithm that leads people to utmost content has under the highlight and is at the center of recent allegation that the social networks prefer profits before people. In recent times Meta and Metaverse has been into highlight and have been the topic of a new warning by Frances Haugen. In a conference with the associated press, Haugen claimed that virtual reality world could provide Facebook a different monopoly online, apart from being it a habit-forming, stealing even more delicate information from the users.

Frances Haugen claimed that Facebook’s new declaration of the metaverse is a screen which it can hide while its regulatory invention plays off.

Meta Said Metaverse Will be Built Responsibly

This point was not accepted by Facebook’s owner Meta, which claimed that they had been planning its announcement for quite some time now, and the metaverse will be constructed keeping its responsibility in mind. The metaverse cannot be built in a fortnight by a single company. It will take some time while collaborating with the policy makers, experts and the and the industry partners to bring this to life. Meta claimed that its work will include human right and civil rights communities from the start to ensure technologies are constructed in a manner that’s inclusive and empowering.

Frances Haugen has a trust issues with the Facebook’s owner Meta to manage this and has warned of this privacy implications. Meta said that it is focusing into how it can minimize the amount of personal data that’s used, constructed technologies to allow privacy protective data uses and provide people clarity and control over their own personal information.

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