January 10, 2023

How to Create a Messaging App and Bring It to the Market

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Since the introduction of the first-gen consumer messaging app like AIM in the 1990, it has frozen its role as the common method of communication. In many instances, maximum users prefer chat or instant messaging application for contacting each other as it is more convenient than calling. Messaging or chat’s nature eliminates the urgency and the pressure of a call. Messaging is faster, more immediate and less formal than an email.

The market for consumer chat application is influenced by a group of major players, but constantly evolving technology and consumer requirement create opportunities for new chat and messaging application to profit from the market share. It is not necessary for a new chat app to compete with the world famous Whats app chat, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber.

A messaging app is a place or a chat application allowing users to send and receive instant messages. Online communication has gained its popularity and normal these days among people. These days Whatsapp, Facebook, Telegram has become an important part of our lifestyle.

Key Features of the Messaging App

The core features should be used to make messaging much convenient is –

1. Authorization – app users should create a personal account. This is done to implement a user for sign up option in just a click with the social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


2. Access to Contact – this is done to uplift the users experience, your messaging app should automatically access to the existing user contact and get them imported from the messaging app.


3. Advanced Chat Option – It is difficult to create a giant in this messaging world as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp are already ruling the market. As a startup project, your app should contain minimum functions to be validated.


4. Exchange Messages and Files – In recent times it is necessary for users to exchange files, videos, photos and other important contents. Therefore assure that your messaging app supports different app attachment.

It is estimated that over 41 million messages are sent every minutes.  With more than 80% of smart phone users, messaging app are the most common and popular types people use these days. People highly need messenger app not only for entertainment but also for variety of business purposes, so this particular segment has the potential to get it bigger.


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