January 3, 2023

How to Recover Data of Android Device after Factory Resetting with the Help of Droid Kit

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A factory reset is called a hard reset that permits you to separate all the information and settings from your Android device, turning your phone to its original state. Executing a factory reset is a dire and ultimate action as it deletes all the important data from your android phone, but it is needed for some situations. 

How do you recover data after performing the factory reset?

If you perform the factory reset on your android device you must be looking for ways to recover all your lost data. If you take a backup of your data on an external drive, Google, or computer, the recovery process is quite easy and simple, you can conveniently recover the lost files after getting engaged in the factory reset. 

Steps to Recover Android Data from a Local Backup (Windows)

  1. Linked the Android device to the computer using a USB cable.
  2. Choose to charge this device using the USB.
  3. Choose a file to remove
  4. Pull the file you require to restore to the Android device. 
  5. Discharge the USB cable.
  6. You can now easily use the files on your Android device.

Different Steps to Recover Android Data From Google Backup

  1. Open the setting option on your android device.
  2. Navigate to setting options> advance>backup>app data
  3. Choose the backup file you want to restore.
  4. Click on the automatic restore button.
  5. The full backup file will be restored to your android device.

Many individuals assume that a factory reset completely deletes all the files forever from your android device. If you use local drives or Google, you can automatically recover all the lost files. But if you have not maintained a backup, you can still implement Droid Kit android data recovery features to selectively preview and store all your important data. Maximum people think that there is no way to recover any data after the factory reset without an active backup file. But all the credit goes to the third-party data recovery tools such as DroidKit; you can easily recover the data you want without backup. DroidKit contains a feature known as android data recovery that scans previews and selectively retrieves the deleted or lost information without having to root your system. 

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