August 10, 2022

Tech Companies Urged to Make it Easier to Have Online Fake Reviews Removed

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With the recent uprising of the social media haters, everywhere the negativity spree is spreading generously like a wild fire. The most affected ones in this concern are the Tech companies, since the bashful mean comments are stupendously halting and affecting their goodwill. 

On a recent insight, Guardian Australia updated, regarding small business ombudsman on which Bruce Billson lined, that hateful comments along with fake reviews must be enlightened and should be tackled under the Government’s Ongoing Social Media investigation. 

He quoted some definite and practical words, mentioning how badly fake reviews, and hateful comments negatively impacts the business reputation while detiorating mental health of the staff in addition to the owners.

His exact word were ‘These reviews damage business reputations and cause significant distress to staff and business owners’ 

Not only the existence of fake reviews displeases the customer putting them into a confusing state of mind but also, influences the competitors, but on a positive note though.    

In the previous year, several business accounts have released defamation law suit against the notable tech firms to unveil the unnamed haters and fake reviewers.

Such action positively brought out a woman who wrote innumerous fake comments in concern to Victorian periodonist who was ordered to pay around $170,000 for damages caused. This incident was broken down as a ‘Vendetta’ by the judge, against the specialist.

Very similar to the last story, in the 2020, Google and Optus were ordered to hand over the details of the anonymous fake commenter’s after which an endodontist from Melbourne took sincere actions.

In support of the investigation of the fake reviews, and negative comments circulations, Bruce Billson also added the social media platform should encourage using a transparent and accessible review process which would offer the small business to enjoy systematic transparency while producing exhibits when required(in case of a legal procedure) to get the negative comments and the fake reviews removed. 

On a sincere not, definitely fake reviews along with negative comment, posses a genuine dismissive threat in the online industry. The remarks passed down by Bruce Billson sure adds a honest concern. Any update in association to the issue hope to see a refined solution any time now.

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