September 9, 2022

Ten Portable Tech Gadgets that You’ll Want to Use Every Day

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Technology has made our lives a lot easier. Anything and everything can be found with just a click on the screen, a command, or with a push of a button. You can order, track, listen, get, use almost anything virtually. Everything is literally available on one single touch. You just need to have a few gadgets in your hands and there is nothing you can not do without getting out of the comfort of your home or bed for that matter. Some tech gadgets may seem useless at first, but they can be used on an everyday basis to make your life way easier and convenient.

So, here is a list of all the gadgets that you should get your hands on, that are worth paying for to improve the convenience in your life.


  • Etekcity Remote Control Outlet Wireless Light Switch

The Etekcity Zap 5 LX is a simple and user-friendly remote outlet kit. It is designed to give you wireless control over your wall outlets and devices. These remotes come with adaptive radio frequency technology. They have a wireless range of up to a hundred feet. You can literally control your home with a press of a button instead of having to reach out for switches. The best thing about this gadget is that they all are pre-programmed for your convenience. So you don’t have to worry about going through the hassle of setting them up before use.

  • Portable Charger Anker

The Anker power bank comes with a standard welcome guide and documentation. Along with that, you will get a micro USB cable, a travel pouch, and last but not least, the Anker power bank itself. This amazing power bank comes with an eighteen months warranty. According to Anker, this is the most compact twenty thousand milliamp power battery backup that is currently available on market. The power bank is actually smaller in dimension and up to a hundred grams lighter from what is out there. Anker has successfully managed to make it 30% smaller and 27% lighter than their own Astro E6 battery. You just need to throw this in your backpack and assuredly you will be having emergency juice for days.


  • Auxillite

Auxillite is a must-have portable gadget for all iPhone 7 users. With Auxillite you will never have to choose between earbuds and charging adapter ever again. With its cool sleek design, Auxillite is a perfect companion for your iPhone 7. The power light is an LED indicator that turns on when your phone is charging. The dedicated DAC with the audio enhancer, helps you get the best music quality without having to give up your high-end headphones. Auxillite also features an adjustable stand helping you multitask wherever you are. So its video chatting with your friend or watching the next Netflix series, Auxillite seamlessly integrates into your daily life.


  • OLO

Imagine the power of being able to print 3-D objects directly from your smartphone. How cool will be that? Olo is the first smartphone powered 3-D printer simple and affordable and most importantly, portable. Olo uses the light from the screen of your smartphone to print 3-d objects. Technically, half of OLO’s hardware is already in your pocket in the shape of a phone. The best thing about Olo is that it can work with any size of the phone. So your cell phone can be gigantic or it can be of a cuter size, Olo can print out 3-D objects directly from these phones of any size. Its app is available for iOS, Android, and Windows phones.


  • UAMP

We all love listening to music on our smartphone devices. They hold thousands of songs that are definitely easier to use. However, cramming every feature into one device comes at a cost and that cost is sound quality. If you have ever listened to high-end audio equipment, you know the sound is richer, louder, and has a superior base. Then if you go back to listen to music on your smartphone or mp3 player, it just can’t match the sound. You can use this to get a high-end audio sound very easily.


  • Amazfit Bip smartwatch Bluetooth smartwatch

This is a tech gadget you can’t get your hands off from. This is convenient as its so small one could carry it around their pocket but it is also worth the money. You will be able to use this gadget on an everyday basis. The Amazfit Bip smartwatch is a supercool smartwatch that connects directly to your smartphone. This is compatible with iOs users and Android users. It has the ability to send notification and incoming messages directly to your wrist. So you don’t always need to take the phone out of your pocket to check notifications. You can do that on your wrist now.  It provides an ample number of features that you could use. It has a sleep tracking device and a heart rate device to ensure you check up on your health correctly without having to go to a doctor.


  • Amir Clip-on Smartphone Camera Lenses

Amir clip camera lenses are meant for those selfie lover who can’t stop clicking themselves almost everywhere using their phone. However, most of the time, the phone’s front camera is not as cool as its back camera. This gadget is made for those phones. The Amir clip-on camera lenses have a sturdy aluminum-and-glass assembly. When you buy the Amir clip-on camera lenses, you will get a 180-degree fisheye lens, with a 0.4x super wide-angle lens, and an amazing 10x macro zoom lens that is just going to pick out even tiny details from close-up shots.


  • Pandemic Key

With all the pandemic that has been going on, this product can act as your holy grail. Pandemic Key is a product that is made out of Zinc alloy and this is a no-touch key. The key can be used to open pull and push doors using the inbuilt hook. The key also comes with an inbuilt stylish tip that you can use to use any public touch screen products or your tab and mobile phones. The most interesting thing is, it also comes with a bottle opener for some reason. So in case you need to open a bottle, you can use thsi pandemic key to open it.


  • Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The portable Bluetooth speaker has a fabric finish and a rubberized outer layer. There are four buttons on this speaker. One is the mode button, the next two are the volume button and there also is a play/stop button. The speaker comes with a charging cable along with an auxiliary cable allowing you to connect the device anywhere.


  •  Quantum Mini Spill-Resistant keyboard

Quantum Mini Spill-Resistant keyboard is a water resistance keyboard. This keyboard is USB wired but it will work just fine with any system that supports a keyboard input including a tablet or q laptop. The benefit of this keyboard is its small form factor but the full-size keys making it easy to type on this keyboard and the waterproof design means that if you are prone to spillage then this is absolutely going to come in handy.


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