July 26, 2022

Top 10 Best Android Games of 2022

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Getting your hands at a popular android game is not always an easy task, which is why I am listing a couple of games from the web, all to help mobile gamers to get what they are looking for. The popularity of mobile games is rapidly increasing day by day among people. With the release of new premium games, it challenges the capacity of a phone, while free games are also getting better day by day. The fact is, mobile has some impressive titles, while some of them compete with console and PC games. The games are available on PC and console along with mobile. If you are searching for some good games on the Play Store then here are some best games.

Some of the popular android games of 2022 are the followings

  1. Call of Duty – in 2019, mobile was the latest grab for the best android game. Mobile is a popular device with a high rating that we have added the game in it. The game a FPS online and PvP mode along with a 100 players battle royale. There is more surprising amount of things to do, and it is a free to play game. You can get your hands on more FPS games and general shooting games, if you are searching for variety of options.


  1. Genshin Impact – Genshin Impact is a popular game among android users. It is an action based RPG game with a gacha mechanics. The game was among the top pick for the best 2020 game. The game received excellent critical certification when it was released for its excellent gameplay and impressive visuals. The excellent visual element of the game, the advanced gameplay mechanics, and the open world, make the game easy and less restrictive than most of the game of the same genre. If the developer of the game does not mess up, then this game is going to hit the top list.


  1. Sky – Children of the Light – That game company is best known for games like Flow, Flower and Journey, all titles that offers same relaxed themes, while offering a casual game play. The studio took a chance to free to play game for mobile, and though this particular game contains in- app purchase, they are only for cosmetic, leaving their users enjoy free titles uninfluenced. This game is similar to Journey, where you need to cross 3D landscape in an effort to piece together the game’s story while collecting items helpful for advancing. The best part about the release of this game is that it’s online, and one can easily play with others while exploring the fantastic world. Same as Genshin Impact, sky children of the light tops among the highly polished F2P game on mobile.


  1. GRID Autosport – GRID Autosport is the best racing game launched for android users. it is a premium gam with no app purchases or advertising. The game contains excellent graphics, excellent controls, lots of contents to play through, hardware controller support, lots of cars to unlock and different types of racing styles. This particular game is higher in price, and also lacks some important smaller things which racing fanatics usually opt for, otherwise it ranks among the best racing games in Play Store. In Google Play there is a free demo version, where you can purchase bits and pieces instead of the whole game. If you are set to play the whole game, then it is better to purchase the whole game, instead of playing in bits and pieces.


  1. GRIS – GRIS is one of the best adventurous games with a puzzle platformer element. The game is about Gris, a young girl lost in her own world of thoughts, while facing the painful experiences of her life. It does not contain any death player or any such things. You can simple explore the world, solve some puzzles and enjoy the game. GRIS is a game which does not contain any text, but chooses to tell the story instead. GRIS is an artistic game, and one of the top among other games.


  1. Star Wars – knights of the Old Republic – this game is a classic RPG from BioWare, and this particular mobile port comes from Aspyr Media. This RPG is the best star war game ever made. If you ignore the theme, it is a solid RPG. The story is good, with graphics which is pretty dated, and the control are spot on, especially as a controller supporter is included.


  1. Minecraft – minecraft is the best android game available. One can build like Legos in a free play mode, or one can jump into survival mode to grind the days away. The main part of the game is the multiplayer content. The store is full of contents to buy; at least the primary gameplay loop remains consistent. Controllers are supported out of the box, and the touch screen controls are serviceable.


  1. Legends of Runeterra – Legends of Runeterra is one of the newest android games. Legends of Runeterra are an online battler game similar to games like Hearthstone. Players of the game collect cards and hero, and then build decks from those cards and heroes, and then one can battle the opponent online. The game eliminates much of the randomness, and leads to a good game play. The game has twenty- four champions and a bunch of cards, and one can invite friends to dwell along with you.


  1. Slay the Spire– Slay the Spire is the favorite game for all the game lovers. It is a solo game and it play like a rogue like, here one need to construct a deck to get into the adventure just to check how far you can get. This is a most loved android game among game lovers.


  1. Among Us – Among Us is the best game for gamers. The title did not receive much attention when the game was launched. This game gained its place when a steamer started receiving views, during the game.  Stream social media games are fun and enjoyable to watch, so Among Us got the popularity among gamers. If you are among the one who is interested in playing a multi-layer game, where cooperation and backstabbing are required, this is a unique game where a constant drama is required among those who are engaged in the game, then you can probably get a kick out Among Us.

There are many varieties of android games in the play store; I have picked a good mix of categories, including first person shooters, role playing games, racing games, puzzlers, strategy games and many more. If you are gaming on an Android tablet or android phone, then you are on the right place to find something and have fun.

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