Terms and Condition

If you have launched a new and interesting mobile game, it is your responsibility to protect your game’s intellectual property and the necessary legal agreements. These steps can protect your business and make sure that the users enjoy playing these games following the rules and regulations laid in the terms and conditions. If you have launched a mobile app, then it’s absolutely necessary to protect the game’s intellectual property and include the necessary legal agreement.

  1. Copyright – A copyright protects the company’s rights. It is necessary for business owners to register for copyright which limits the rights of other people to use your content without their permission in additional work. This process protects other developers from copying your material and using it to compete with you. Copy writing is important as you restrict the right to duplicate your content material. If any copyright is found, then legal actions can be taken against the fraudsters. Before registering for copyright you need to be sure that all materials solely belong to your company. You can prevent this from occurring, by having these individuals sign up their potential intellectual over to your company.


  1. Legal Information – Copyright gives the company the right to take the matter legally if any copyright issue is found. Copyright publishes a notice to other competitors or the third party that all rights are reserved and every content material of the company including music, graphics, characters, and special effects are all reserved. Violation of any can lead to legal troubles.


  1. Trademark – Trademarks are differentiating marks and names for your brand. This may incorporate titles, logos, rather than any kind of graphics, content or another element. Establishing a trademark is very important as it help you to stand out from the rest. Once registered successfully you can use your title or mark to promote your business in the crowd. Trademarks show their status with the small TM around the mark.