November 25, 2021

10 Best Android Emulators for PC and Mac of 2021

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In this 21st century, emulators have a significant role in the field of androids. An emulator ideally an Android Virtual device (ADV) that is designed to represent any particular android device. It is legal to download and use as well. It can be said that an emulator is based on some coding functions that help to run software from a completely different device on computer or android devices. That means, an emulator helps you to play video games and run several operating systems however, you can place a Mac operating system on your windows computer. The emulators come into the picture as it helps to permit us to form a connection between two variables such as users android divide and PC’s strong resources. It also helps us to reduce the intervals of android games. However, it is an effective tool that allows users to get access to computer controls. It also has several significance in the Mac system.

In the era of android, life has become easier to access by using emulators. If you are not able to run some apps on your computer, emulators help you to make it run easily. An emulator has lots of potential to process power. Sometimes, few apps cannot open people which helps the system to slow down. But emulator provides that balance between these two variables due to its potential capacity. Emulators provide the same feelings on everyone’s PC as they are habituated with android devices. Whereas it also provides better control of using the application on PC and Mac due to its large display. Android emulator is mainly based on the principle of complete platform visualization.

List of Top 10 Android Emulators:
1. Blue stacks
2. Android studio
3. NOx player
4. Gameloop
5. Remix OS player
6. Ko player
7. Genymotion
8. ACGhon
9. Bliss


10 best Android emulators for PC and Mac of 2021

  1. Blue stacks:

Rating: 4.5/5

Performance: High

Supported platforms: Android, Mac OS, MS windows.

Best for: It has the best quality gaming version. It also offers the best function on the keyboard such as custom key mapping configurations mostly used in the blue stack.

Description: The organization has assured that they are going to launch Blue stack 5 with a gaming device that is completely based on newer technology like Oreo. However, the most vital part of using Blue Stack is that it is suitable for any kind of windows hardware. The company has given their priority to minimize compatibility issues.


  1. Android studio:


Performance: Medium

Supported platform: Android, Mac OS, MS windows.

Best for Renowned for multi-functional use and it offers a good graphical interface and related features. It is based on java and it allows the users to use numerous applications simultaneously and to capture a screenshot while using applications in the system.

Description: Android studio is the own operating system of Google. It comes with an extensive range of features. The company provides advanced performance and view of its mobile applications in a system with more freedom. It also offers an HD gaming experience in low memory capacity.


  1. NOx player:

Rating: 4.5/5

Performance: Medium

Supported platforms: Android, MS Windows, Apple MAC OS

Best for: people can use it by single click due to its open keyboard mapping. It offers great features on the keyboard, mouse and game pad. It also provides a macro recorder to experience better record operations.

Description: It has some significance in the gaming sector. People who loved to play the game recognize it highly. The company promised to deliver its upgraded version with more features.

  1. Game loop:

Rating: 3.8/5

Performance: High

Supported platforms: Android, Mac OS, Windows PC

Best for: It offers High-quality gaming experiences.  Other than that, customers can receive play store support from the company.

Description: Game loop is anyone effective emulator in the field of gaming. Over 200 countries used this app on their phone and PC. It is available on the Google play store.


  1. Remix OS player:

Rating: 4/5

Performance: Medium

Supported platforms: MAC OS, Android, Microsoft windows.

Best for: It is built for android PC system integration that offers good usability of android apps. Apart from that, it comes with a marshmallow version which works mostly in HD gaming systems.

Description: It is such a kind of Android emulator that exhibits the most immersive Android experience. It contains some tools on key mapping that helps to provide great control over touch.


  1. KO player:

Rating: 4.1/5

Performance: Average

Supported platforms: Android, Mac OS, Microsoft windows.

Best for: Renowned for the counter the compatibility issues. It offers smooth gaming experiences. This is such an app that comes along with a video recording feature.

Description: KO player is one of the best emulators among the others. It supports all the peripheral devices such as keyboard, game pad, mouse, microphone on desktop. These are the action allows the user to experience quality android playing experience on the desktop.


  1. Genymotion:

Rating: 4.5/5

Performance: High

Supported platforms: Linux, Android, Mac OS and Microsoft windows.

Best for: It is suitable for speed up testing, live demos and observe performance. Along with that, it also offers a gyroscope and multi-touch features to the user’s desktop.

Description: Genymotion is very famous for its HD pixel compatibility that shows your mobile app with proper clarity.


  1. ARchon:


Performance: High

Supported platforms: Linux, Mac OS, Android.

Best for As it comes under google so, it offers security and reliability to the customer.

Description: ARChon Android emulator famous for its flexible features. It is different from another android emulator that is issued to play games.


  1. Bliss:

Rating: 3.5/5

Performance: Medium

Supported platforms: Linux, Mac OS and android

Best for: Bliss emulator is renowned for its lucrative design and customized themes.

Description: It is an open-source and non-profit organization that works to maintain open-source projects.



Rating: 3.6/5

Performance: High

Supported platforms: Android, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux

Best for AMIDuOS emulator is compatible with all the new versions.

Description: This is such kind of emulator that offers seamless integration between an android device and a system.







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