July 20, 2022

13 Reasons to Use Windows 11 Edge Browser

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After observing how fast, compatible, and helper-filled the new edge in windows 11. Some of the browsers amazing features are its customizable home page, speed, collection features, built in screenshot tools, stack able tabs, and progressive web app support. Windows 11 Edge Browser brings a special ability to your browsing experience, including high security, money saving shopping tools and magnificent tab management.

Windows 11’s edge Browser is a default Browser in Windows 11. There are Microsoft specific links that is the only thing it can load. One can easily change the default without any trouble, but one may not want to change after using the features of the Edge browser.  Windows 11 edge Browser has an in built web views for some apps, that requires an access to the internet, through WebView2. Edge is available for varieties of other platform like – Android, iOS, Linux, and MacOS, and some earlier version of Windows, which means that one can sync settings and more between all those platforms from Windows 11.

Some valid reason for using Edge as a Browser –

1. It got a brand new look – the Edge Browser received a new look worth seeing it. It has some of the fluent design language, than a greater degree in windows 10. Some examples are like the drop down menu now has the acrylic semitransparent materials. This browser uses another new and subtle design called Mica. This features changes the appearance of the element, such as title bar is based upon the color of the windows; also you might notices the windows rounded corners.


2. Make add on easier to add – extensions and add on like themes does not appear in the Microsoft Store, it appears in the Web page gallery in Windows 11 Edge. Add- on can be added from Chrome Web store as well. One can easily hide or show the add on in the top browser toolbar, and it also has an option to select that it should be active or not in a Private window.


3. Enhances Privacy options and password saving- Windows 11 Edge Browser offers the best privacy options. A user gets fewer features and less functionality if you choose the privacy level to be private and secure. Another excellent option is the strict tracking prevention in Inprivate window, as you may not want cross site tracking taking place, during private browsing session. Inprivate mode is similar to Incognito or simply private browsing mode. In InPrivate mode, windows 11 edge does not save the browsing history, searches or cookies of the users. It does not share Microsoft account identity with the sites which you visit. If you are able to save your password, it can enhance your security. in recent times, all major browser now includes password manager functionality. Windows 11 Edge also has an option of saving the credit and debit card credentials, along with CVCs for online purchases on any instances of Edge.


4. Organizes the web pages with collections – Windows 11 Edge in built collection features is one of the best and simplest. Web clipping is accessible from tool bar tab on the right side. You can add the current page to a collection, which is just a click away, and you can open all the open tabs with right click option on the tool bar. Collections are synced to all the devices that the user signed in in Edge.


5. Edge automatically saves money while you shop – Edge offers tools to those shoppers who use the web for shopping. The Browser automatically finds coupon codes for shopping sites one visits, making it an easy task for shoppers. Windows 11 Edge automatically offers potential applicable coupons. This feature can be turn off, if you want.


6. Edge makes donating point to charities simple – Some charity sites often prompt Edge to let you know that someone interested can actively donate to their causes using the Microsoft Point. A user of the windows 11 edge Browser can easily earn Microsoft point by searching with Bing, purchasing items on Microsoft Store, and on completing the Xbox challenges and trivia games.


7. Edge gives new hoarders which is the fantastic feature – windows 11 edge offers basic advantages and convenience in its tab, including vertical tab, tab groups and ability to pin tab. Another brilliant feature is the Alt – Tab to switch from one Browser to another.


8. Edge reduces distraction with immersive reading mode – It is an important feature and it is not available in any other Browser. In FireFox, Opera, and Safari has easy on the eyes views, but Edge can actually read the text aloud with a natural voice.


9. Captures Full-Page Screenshots – Edge provides an amazing build in screenshot along with Web Capture tool. This will let you select a particular place in a webpage for a screenshots, but the best part is you can capture the whole webpage by scrolling down automatically. A user can automatically mark the screenshot with a pen or add it to collections.


10. Edge launches website as Apps – windows 11 edge’s progressive web app capacity can go further than in the previous version of the Browser. Users have to search through the menu options to use the website application hybrid. in Microsoft store one can easily find progressive web app. When a progressive web app is capable, setting it up is easier than ever before. Most popular sites which work well with PWA includes Gmail, Outlook, Spotify, twitter.


11. Three More Cool Features – Microsoft gives reasons to use new edge Browser in windows 11. A helper that will be interests to students will be the Math Solver, where a user can select an onscreen equation to solve or enter using a keyboard. It can help you select simple arithmetic problems to advanced algebra, trigonometry. The Performance button allows the user to switch the Browser to an energy efficient mode, in case someone is using a laptop.


12. Easy to Switch Modes – Some business have built web app, for employees that still requires Internet Explorer for working. If a user is using Edge with Windows 11, the user can easily switch modes that mimic using Internet Explorer for these legacy apps, without opening the web Browser. The user has to enable this mode from the Setting, and restart the browser.


13. Windows 11 supports Digital Ink – If you are among the users who like to interact with sites using a stylus, window 11 supports digital ink comes with the new Surface Pen 2 for Microsoft Surface tablets.

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