December 5, 2022

Best Cloud Storage for Photos and Pictures – Free and Paid

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Clicking photos are the best thing to capture a moment of happiness and joy. In recent times, we have high grade phones with a high quality camera to click beautiful photos and videos of our holiday moments or for a random click. Photos are the most precious things in our live and are worth storing safely in the cloud. Storing photos is much safer to store in cloud. A variety of service provider is available in the market offering anywhere between 5GB and 1TB or unlimited storage. It’s a hassle free process and eliminates dealing with hard disc and drives, it enables you to get the access of your photos at any time and where with just with an internet connection. The cloud services store photos in data center full of servers, and they are handled by professional and experts to make sure that the photos are safe and secure. Cloud storage website is amazing for backing up photos, starting from personal snaps to professional. If you would want to keep your photos, snaps and GIF private, most cloud storage make it accessible to set a proper restrictions to make photos accessible to only to your password protected account, or accessible only with a private protected website link.

  1. IDrive– IDrive is the best photo storage site. It has great feature with an affordable price tag. It can be used in Windows and macOs as well as on smartphones and tablets running on Android or IOS. It offers a reasonable and easy way to store photos with an annual price tag of 79.50 dollars. IDrive ranks top and is the best cloud storing services available for general uses and photo storing. IDrive account can be connected to multiple devices, which is best for professional photographers who use more than one device for clicking photos. It has an auto camera setting which makes it convenient.
  2. Dropbox – An incredible feature available for free and paid plans – Dropbox is the largest and the best photo storage solution offering simple snap uploading, mobile apps, automatic file transferring. It also has folder assisting features. More advance features are available with a 30 day file version history viewer. It has restore functionality, with approximate 2GB free account and paid plans offers terabyte of space.
  3. Google photos- Top free services and top paid features – Google photos are an easy to use and most suitable for people who are using it for the first time. It provides an excellent 15GB free storage space. Google photo stores images up to 16 megapixels and videos up to 1080p. If you want more storage space the go for Google One membership, which not only expand the storage space, it also removes the limit of a file size. Photo oriented features requires date and time categorization and facial recognition.
  4. pCloud – it is an average cloud storage provider. It is among the very few storage providers, who offer lifetime subscription. It’s a one-time payment to get 2TB storage. To minimize any kind of abuse, you are limited to 2TB of download link traffic per month. Professional photographers enjoy the fact that they can see thumbnails and preview of the most raw files with the web and the mobile version, also in pCloud drive for mac OS. A browser extension known as nifty allows saving videos and snaps directly to the pCloud account, later through which one can use it as a scrapbook. You have to keep a note that a file reversion can be kept up to 30 days and that you can create a static HTML website with its own URL. pCloud is an amazing feature as it allows for light editing, which improves the work of a photographer. pCloud offers zero knowledge encryption for files, which denotes that one can only access the photos stored on pcloud server. To avail such high grade security, one has to pay for such privacy setup. pcloud offers quite reasonable plans, and has the ability to pay a one off fee for a life time storage access is useful. Pcloud provides a secure space for uploading different snaps and images, and has some awesome and productive features which make it appealing to some professional photographers.
  5. ADOBE Creative Cloud – Adobe creative cloud offers a variety of cloud based solution, mainly for professional photographers. Adobe creative cloud offers great photography related storage with lucrative image galleries. Group libraries allow office colleagues to add photos to one shared file, and you are allowed to make any snap private. There is integration with light room and elements, through which you can edit your snap at your convenience. There is also integration through Gmail. Uploading has become very convenient with apps like Windows, Mac, and Android.
  6. Microsoft One drive – Microsoft cloud storage locker is same as the Google drive. If you are familiar using Microsoft office suite, then you will feel right at home with one’s drive integrated office app. It is convenient to navigate, as One Drive looks and feels like Windows 10. The price is approximately same as Google, with 5GB for free and 100GB costing around 1.99 dollars per month.
  7. Flickr – Flickr is owned by SmugMug Inc. It offers a large storage of one thousand photos and videos for free. It is better than the rest of the storage because it displays photo in an attractive photo stream. Other users can follow your activity and can comment on your posted snap, creating an actual social media network for fresher and professional photographer. Flickr is designed in such a manner so that one can present their photographs, rather than only storing them.
  1. Amazon Prime – Amazon prime plan includes unlimited photo storage. Amazon prime can be used in a desktop and mobile app, so syncing across various multiple device has been much easier. Sometimes, you can miss out to save videos with Prime, as only 5GB of the video is included.
  1. Sync – Sync emphasizes security, and is very easy to use. It offers a free cloud starter plan, providing their user with a 5GB for trying out the platform. Sync provides the top encryption and apps, which ensures that the user can access their photos, at their convenience. Sync does not provide any family plan, but there is no limit of sharing data. A sync user can share anything stored in their respective sync account to people who do not hold a sync account.
  1. Mega – Mega is the best cloud storage solution which provides the best privacy and security. It provides end to end eruption. One can easily manage the encryption key with their password; even MEGA will not be able to access your personal information. MEGA user can expect 128 bits AES encryption for their files. MEGA also provides a two-step authentication, when someone signs up, making it safe and secure for the users. When a user signs up, a 20GB free storage is provided for trial.


  1. Live Drive –  Live drive is best option available if you are looking for customization. It allows customizing of a storage plan according to storage, need and pay. It do not offer any free storage option in any GB option. It offers unlimited backup services at a reasonable price. MEGA can be accessed on any device but only with briefcase and pro suite plans. There is no practical plan, but pro suite


All cloud storage options are great, but if you are planning to purchase one, you need to check whether it can store raw photos. It’s best to try some free plans, and sync some snaps across multiple devices.

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