April 27, 2022

How Apple’s Design Technology Is Built Around Simplicity

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The day when Steve Jobs returned back to Apple, was a turning point for the brand as it became the most loved brand among the users. Steve Jobs realized how the users were disappointed with how the other technological brand designed and created their products in the lab without thinking about the consumers. Steve Jobs made the most important contribution to Apple and how pushed Apple to start with the consumer experience and then work back to technology.

How Apple Created Everything Behind the Simple Brand Idea-

In the 1970s when STEVE Job invented the Apple computer, his aim was to change the world. It was years later when this dream came true for the people. But what is the reason Apple is one of the popular brands? Was it the new and unique design? The challenging ideas? Or simply the stylish design? Well, the answer will be a big “Yes.

Apple-designed great products for their consumer, not only because they had talented designers, but they possessed great leadership qualities. Steve Jobs did a brilliant thing by installing the aim and vision of the company to its employees. Steve already had it in their mind that if he wants Apple to change the world then he had to keep all his employees on board.

Steve Jobs got his hands-on designers who trusted Apple’s vision. He helped to create a sense of excitement for every new product, building that connection. Apple’s products are often considered as having a simple aesthetic, with packed functionality. Job and the company were busy making things easy and flexible for users. When Jobs returned he immediately slashed his lineup from 17 to 3 products. This unexpected return was the main reason for the company’s bounce upon Job’s return. He reversed the trend and concentrated on building great products, Apple needed to focus on what worked the best, that to create simplicity in their products.

Apple-designed their products keeping in mind the simplicity. what the company did was removed some of its features. Apple is dominating the market and is quite famous for removing “must-have” features. For example, the headphone jack or physical keyboard on the first iPhone. This feature was considered necessary. But in recent times, it challenges us to think differently about how we use the products. This allows the Apple products not only to look simpler but also to act simpler while using it.

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