January 10, 2022

How to Use Hashtags on Instagram

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Instagram “Hashtags” are the best way to attract the eyes of the people on an Instagram post. But there are many questions in your mind like – how would you find the best hashtag for your account? Which hashtag are the most popular in recent times? And should your hashtag go on your caption or comment.

How Do Hashtags Work on Instagram?

Instagram Hashtags are a great way to label and categorize the visual content. These hashtags help to serve your posts to many users. The hashtags which you use in your post boosts the search results on the Instagram explore page. Hashtags are also used in Instagram algorithms, so that it can categorize your particular content to a specific group of people who Instagram thinks will enjoy or have a high interest. 

Hashtags Still Work on Instagram in 2022?

Hashtags have always been the topic of discussion, especially after Instagram announced that all users can use only three to five hashtags. As Instagram pivots towards semantic keyword search, it opens a wide range of possibilities in content discoverability, which means words in the captions or videos which you post will become searchable and will come in the search engine as well. Hashtags still work on Instagram. If you pair your hashtags with an excellent content strategy, which can help you fetch impressive results. 

Very popular hashtags are not always the best way for people to get more views on your posts and stories as they are likely to be seen by the unwanted group of people too. you can use a maximum of thirty hashtags. There are a lot of debates of whether to include 30 hashtags or not as it looks spammy. However, research has proved that a particular post with minimum eleven hashtags or more attracts people and the user gets the best engagement. 

Where Should You Put Hashtags?

You can start using hashtags in all sorts of posts, places, videos, comments etc. You can also Add hashtags to your profile bio to hyperlink a particular project or a collection of posts. You can also use hashtags on posts in your feeds and Instagram stories to attract a huge mass of audiences to view your post. while posting a hashtag on your feed, you can incorporate hashtags either in description or in comments. 

Does Putting Hashtags in the Comments Work? 

While some people prefer using hashtags in their post description, while others prefer to add them in the comment. Both are excellent and effective methods of adding views to your post. you can add up to 30 hashtags in a single post. However, research has proved that using 11 hashtags involves the best engagement. Hashtags are a group of words used by a pound (#) sign. It is used to categorize and find conversation of a particular topic or something which is in trend. In Instagram hashtags have become a link for the collection of other content marked with the same hashtags. Hashtags used in Instagram serves as an additional purpose as users can follow hashtags to view some of the posts or content with similar hashtags. Using hashtags for your post allows Instagram to understand what your content is all about, so that they can recommend to their users to view your post. 


If you are planning to use hashtags in the description, then you have an advantage as you can edit it later, or remove it or add a new hashtag. Some of the Instagram users use a strong hashtag in the description and incorporate additional hashtags in the comments. 

Banned hashtags are some hashtags which are blocked by Instagram, due to reports of spam or violations of some rules or regulations laid by the Instagram. Any post tag with banned hashtags will be hidden from the community. if you use banned hashtags, it can result in less engagement in your post. Instagram will shadow banned your account, which means that any new post. 

The reasons why you should use a hashtag in your post is because you want your post in front of people who would enjoy it, and give you a like, and also to increase your followers on Instagram.

Three ways to avoid using banned hashtags are –

  1.       Avoid using the most popular Instagram hashtags
  2.       Try doing proper hashtag research before using it in your post.
  3.       Use tailwind hashtags finder. No banned hashtags are ever included.

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