February 3, 2023

Make Sure That All of Your Electronic Devices Are Secure

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We use electronic devices and highly rely on them in our regular life. We use laptop, computer, and smartphones to stay connected with people around the world, work with the devices and watch entertaining stuffs. So, it is our responsibility to update and secure the devices. All important files need to be secure along with maintaining its privacy. Some highly important steps to ensure your devices are completely secure.

  1. Antivirus Software – One of the easiest ways to secure all your devices is to make sure that all the files are virus free. Many antivirus programs are available. Some you can get it for free of cost, and some are quite an expensive one. Antiviruses are used in detecting virus in the files and some are also offering protection against malware functions as well. One stop all fits solution is Norton 360 antivirus version, it has all the major vulnerability on electronic device and provides protection against online treats. If you are planning to purchase an antivirus, it is important to check whether it is compatible with the OS or with the device, and the cost. Many anti-virus software can be used for a month trial period.
  1. Password Management – It is always recommended to use a strong password to protect the device. It is important to ensure that your password should contain letters, numbers and symbols. The password should be 8 characters long. For privacy reason you should not keep same password for more than one account. If you find it difficult to create passwords then you can use password management software which will generate random passwords for all the accounts using just one password.

  1. Two- factor authentication – Two factor authentication is another way to uplift your device security. After entering the password, you need to enter the one time code which will be sending to your phone number or the email address provided. This particular code changes daily only regular basis and is valid for a limited period of time, preventing hackers from gaining any kind of access to your account.
  1. Firewall – Firewall is a kind of software or hardware that is used to protect the computer against unauthorized access from the internet. Firewall does a screening of all the incoming and outgoing traffic and only allows the authorized traffic to pass through it. A firewall can be both hardware and software, or it can be a combination of both. In cases, firewall can be turn on or off and in advanced cases the antivirus software usually has the firewall included in it.

It is important to protect your personal devices from the viruses. There are these few steps which need to be taken to ensure complete safety and security.

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