November 18, 2022

Security Tips For Online Gaming

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Games come in various forms from app downloads onto a tablet or a smartphone, to a game console or an online platform. One common aspect is that the increased ability to chat, send files, share cameras, etc. increases the opportunity for cyber criminals to take undue advantage of children online. It is the duty of parents and guardians talk to kids about secure online behavior like what to search for and how to answer if they feel uncomfortable. Some valuable tips for online security are the followings –

1. Block the Bullies – if you feel that the other player is making you uncomfortable then talk to any trusted adults about it. You can kick a player out of the game if you feel that they are making you feel uncomfortable. You can easily block or report another player if you think they are making you feel uncomfortable.

2. Play in Disguise – It is advisable not to use your first and last name in the username. You can use an avatar instead of your own photo. It is advisable not to share any photos or turn on the webcam.

3. Protect your Personal Data – Personal information is a kind of data through which anyone can identify you or your accounts.

4. Make Password long and Strong – Passwords are very important and it is the key to your accounts. The only person who requires to know them is only you and your parents or guardian. Create a strong password so that no one can hack it easily.

5. Keep Security Software Current – It is better to have the latest security software, web browser, and operating system as the best defense against viruses, malware and other online threats. When you receive notification about an update do not ignore it, just update it, as it improves the performance and security of the device.

6. Configure Privacy Settings – Go through the accounts with your kids to configure privacy and security settings to limit over sharing of any kind of information such as location sharing, etc. Explain your kids why such configuration needs to be altered.

7. Do Your Research – Proper research needs to be conducted before downloading any game in your child’s device, and ensure that it’s a legitimate game before downloading it.

Many gamer turn off their antivirus solution. We all are aware that games are resource-consuming, and players want to enjoy the picture in the highest possible quality at any price including safety. This is the main reason why gamer fall prey of the victim to malware and phishing attacks carried out by cyber criminals.

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