October 19, 2022

Tech Companies are being Asked to Make it Easier to Remove Fake Online Reviews

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The amount of fake online reviews has gone up drastically during the past few years. A lot of companies are discussing how these fake reviews are harming their business and creating a false image of their company. 

What they are asking in return is to make it easier to remove those fake comments or reviews from business websites.

Millions of Dollars at Stake

Companies or small business owners are losing hundreds of million dollars just because of these fake reviews. That’s not it, companies have to pay a hefty amount of money in enforcement to remove those fake online reviews from their business website. 

Not only money

Well, where no company can escape from fake reviews it is possible to control them to some extent. And to do that a lot of manpower and staff energy is also getting wasted. Using them in the right direction can make companies a lot of profits. 

Asking to enforce laws

Some influential business owners also took it to the parliament that the government should enforce laws against fake online reviews. Or at least start an investigation to plant fear into online scammers and fake reviewers. 

Social media 

Fake online reviews are not sticking to websites any more. People are now posting fake reviews in the comments sections also where everyone else can see the fake comments. 

Suing tech companies

Business owners are suing big tech companies if they refuse to reveal the people or groups involved in online fake reviews. 

Charging with money

In recent news a lady from Australia recently got fined for keeping vendetta and posting negative comments about a periodontist based out of Victoria. 

Legal Actions are being taken

In 2020 even Google, Optus and some other big browsers were also forced to release data of a secret scammer as a dentist from Melbourne took legal actions. 

Providing the Solution

As a result, digital platforms built tools to create a transparent review system which is believed to keep fake reviews at bay. This tool will also make companies provide enough evidence to check and remove fake online reviews. 

Things to investigate

Some of the items under investigation are impact of the algorithm, identification and verification of policies and lastly collecting data along with safety for children. 

Summing Up

With so many promises made and investigations started we can hope that this long due issue will be solved in the near future. 

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