October 27, 2021

The Best Fitness Tracker OF 2021

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A fitness tracker is the best and most popular device used nowadays to monitor health better and with a fine-tuning of your fitness routine. Many fitness trackers are built and designed for a specific sport, and it includes many features like a sleep tracker, integrated heart rate monitor and water resistance. Selecting the perfect tracker is very important as there are huge varieties to select from. It’s a boom time for fitness trackers, as there is a wide range of choices to fit every wallet. Recently, some smartwatches have taken over the market for their excellent features and adaptability. The most famous style is the band style wearables are very popular among young crowds. These bands are perfectly suited for smaller wrists, generally less techy and easier to use in all weather. We all want to know the exact function of a fitness tracker. The fitness tracker is a unique device that measures step counting, measures calorie burns of an individual, monitors a person’s heart rate, and gives detailed sleep tracking and swimming. It also tracks stress. It is a perfect device used by fitness freaks for sports and workout purposes. The best fitness tracker watches are the following –


Apple Watch Series 6

The best fitness watch available in the market. The watch has a slim and sleek classy design attracting the eyeballs of many customers and ending up purchasing it. The added advantage is its long-life battery and numerous fitness-related features for the fitness freak. The Apple watch series 6 is the top-rated fitness tracker watch available. Suppose you are interested in tracking your daily activity metrics and trends using the fitness app. The device also monitors the body’s oxygen level, and it also tracks one’s heartbeat and sleep cycles.

The added feature available in the apple watch series 6 is the GPS, which tracks the steps, route, speed, distance and many more. Look wise, and the fitness watch is a beauty as it has a sleek band along with a huge dial which helps in easy readability. The Apple Watch is also water-resistant up to 164 feet (50 metres). The apple watch displays events and calendars on its display and allows you not to miss a single notification. The added benefit of using the apple watch series 6 is that one can call or text using the watch. We need to use the apple watch app from our phone to make changes like watch display, clock display, adjusting the notification preferences and adding any particular apps. The apple watch series 6 offers approximately 18 hours of battery life per charging. A variety of colour options are available like – space grey, blue, rose gold, silver, white, gold, navy blue and graphite. The watch’s price is on the higher side and a negative side because only a handful of the crowd can afford to purchase such a fancy fitness tracker by Apple. One of the major drawbacks of the Apple watch series 6 is that – the sleep tracking feature it contains does not provide a detailed view as other trackers provide. Therefore, correcting the sleep tracker can make the watch the best fitness tracker in the market.


Garmin forerunner 245

Garmin forerunner 245 is the best fitness tracker watch available in the market and the best-suited watch for runners. It has GPS navigation, smartphone connectivity, and advanced performance analytics, making it a perfect tracker. The best fitness tracker provides detailed feedback on the recent training session, custom workouts, and adaptive training plans. The Garmin Forerunner 245 also uses a wrist sensor to track the heart rate of an individual, and it also tracks the blood oxygen saturation level and VO2 max- it’s a measure of cardiorespiratory fitness. This fitness tracker also helps to improve one’s form by supplying them with detailed information on their stride length, balance, cadence, and vertical oscillation – the amount that the torso moves up and down with each step. The watch has a unique Garmin Coach feature, which provides detailed and personalized guidance and training plans from an expert running coach. The added feature of this fitness watch is that it is tailored to other forms of cardio workouts, including swimming, cycling, hiking and more. If you do not want to miss any important notification, you can pair your phone with the watch using the Garmin Connect App. If you are an android user, you can immediately answer your phone calls and text messages by using pre-configured responses such as “working out” or “on the run”. The Garmin forerunners 245 claims a battery life that lasts for seven days after a single charging, but that’s with minimal usage. If you use the fitness watch for music, GPS, wrist monitoring, running simultaneously, you can expect the battery life to last almost six hours. There is also an option of dimming the backlight for less consumption of charge. Different colours are available like – black, berry, white, aqua and slate grey. The price is on the moderate side and can be reached to the maximum number of customers planning to get their hands on a fitness watch. If you are looking for the best fitness tracker, then Garmin forerunners are the best choice for you.


Polar vantage M

The polar vantage M is best suited for cyclists. It’s a sports watch with a sleek look. The price range is also good and can be afforded by many people who are willing to purchase a fitness tracker which is not so costly and loaded with innumerable features. The Polar Vantage M has 130 sports profiles readily available for download, including one specifically for cycling. The watch can measure one’s heartbeat, and it keeps track of your speed, distance travelled, the time elapsed, total calorie burned and changes in attitude as an individual ride. The watch in the background records the GPS trace, which can be synced with certain apps like Strava for a detailed training session report. The other notable features include VO2 max tracking, continuous heartbeat tracking, personalized training plans, and expert-guided breathing exercises. Apart from working very well for the cyclist, the watch works well for various activities like swimming and running. If you use it in training mode, it has a long and improved battery life of up to 30 hours per change. If you pair the polar vantage M watch with the flow app ten, you can easily receive text and call notifications on your tracker. If you are riding, you can easily select the “do not disturb” settings for your ride. Unlike other smartwatches in the market, you need to receive calls or respond to text messages through your device.


Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

If you are a water baby interested in swimming, the Samsung gear fit2 pro is the ideal fitness tracker. It is a water-resistant watch up to 164 feet (50 metres). This watch is the best in the market because it continuously monitors the heart rate while swimming. Professional swimmers use this watch as they appreciate the device’s automatic stroke recognition and pace monitoring. The Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro provides valuable insight into your swimming performances by calculating the Swolf score – the measure of your efficiency based on how long it takes to swim a certain number of strokes in a certain period. This particular fitness tracker is compatible with Android and IOS users and works extremely well with certain fitness apps and nutrition apps like Map My Run and My Fitness Pal. This watch allows easy call and text notification updates, and one can respond to it by sending the preset responses. The Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro has inbuilt music storage and a GPS. However, it does not count the number of stairs climbed. This watch is not suitable for hikers. The battery life is long and can last up to 15 days with minimal usage by the user. It is one of the best fitness tracking watches in the market, fulfilling the needs of every user.


Fitness trackers are simple and convenient devices used for monitoring daily fitness activities and health. A huge variety of Fitness trackers are available in the market, and it is a challenging task to get hold of the perfect pair according to one’s needs and preferences. It is important to find the important features based on an individual’s needs, such as heart rate and blood pressure monitoring, GPS navigation, sleep tracking, water resistance and smartphone compatibility. Some fitness trackers are used for specific activities like running, walking, swimming, and cycling, so select a perfect pair that suits all your needs.

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