November 8, 2022

These Latest Gaming Trends are Here To Stay

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Many people started online gaming during the Covid-19 outbreak and now it has become their passion. If you are one of these people, we know what gaming means to you. It has kept you occupied and entertained in a time of need, just like a true friend and you don’t want to leave its side right? 

Same old gaming has become so bland right? So if you are a gamer better to know these ruling latest gaming trends. 

Augmented Reality Gaming

Augmented Reality else known as AR gaming is a combination of audio features along with real world. This is the newest trend in mobile or pc gaming. Compared to VR gaming, it is easily accessible for all making it a worldwide gaming trend. 

Crypto and Gaming

With its increasing popularity, cryptocurrencies are now in the gaming world too. With the help of crypto players now can own a fraction of the game. And should we even mention about in game purchases and exchanges with other linked games? Blockchains are now a large part for earning and curating in game purchases. 

Gaming in 5G

Gamers and buffering are a pair of enemies made in heaven. No one prefers buffering while playing their favourite games. Thus 5G is becoming increasingly popular in the Gaming industry. The low latency in 5G elevates the AR or VR consumption while gaming.

Gaming Wearables

Wearable gaming gadgets are here to accentuate your gaming experiences. These devices has sensors that detects every single moves in real time to evaluate your gaming performance and support whenever needed. With so much demand among gamers, gaming companies are forced to launch revised and improved gaming wearable devices to further increase your overall performance. 

Smartphone gaming

With smart phones being easily accessible to everyone gaming companies are making more and more games to support mobile gamers. Mobile companies are also taking this chance to incorporate updates features to support latest games. All these games are available in the play store or other app stores for mobile players to download and play. 


Gaming industry has taken us all by storm. Everyone loves gaming thus knowing these trends are super important for all. 

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